What better place to get fit, than a super large Flea Market! The one I am talking about is in The Bonita Springs Flea Market in Bonita Springs, Fl. There are so many folks walking Malls across America to get fit. Here is a new twist, walk a flea market. Get in shape while checking out the local craft vendor booths. At the Flea Market you can get things you can not find at Amazon, Walmart or Target. Unique Gifts, Crafts and Deals.

I call the Walk, WalkerSizeR.  We stop, tone and shop.  FRIDAY & SATURDAY, 8:15am and 8:45am. $5.00 gets you both but all you need is 30 Minutes. If you want to make your workout an hour, NO Problem. Our journey will take us around the 600 Booths that is both the Blue and The Red Aisle.  A New way to lose weight and shall we call it Window Shopping? No Booth Browsing. Walk amongst the Goods and get a Good Workout too.


The Workout is led by Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Bonita Fit, Lizzie Trindade.