BLUE AISLEFind Her In The Aisle Near Booth 50

BONITA FITOwner Elizabeth Trindade

Elizabeth Trindade is a retired dance and garnered her SAG card by walking a tightrope in a commercial. She because an ‘Alignment trainer in NYC and was the former personal trainer to Dr. Henry Kissinger and Anthony Quinn. She is the author of Strollercize The Workout for New Moms and will be bringing Strollercize to the Flea Market after Labor Day. 

Elizabeth (Lizzie)  has a special fitness tool she uses in all of her trainings called The RollerSizeR®. She sells them at her booth $35.00 and it can also be purchased on Amazon.

She teaches walking classes at the Flamingo Island Flea Market:

ELizabeth (Lizzie) finds fitness anywhere and she is excited to see folks coming to learn how to get fit in an easier way at any age, any size and when aches and pains may be in the way.

More Info at her website: http://www.bonitafit.com

Give Her a Call or Text and get more info NOW – 917 435 6455 


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