The Red Aisle

7 Minutes of Fat Burning at The Flea Market… Who Knew?

The Flamingo Island Flea Market is like a Track. Most high schools have tracks. Many folks turn to their local track to get in a fat burning workout. The choose to walk, run, sprint or in some cases Strollercize. Once around a track is about a quarter of mile. Once around the The Flamingo Island Flea Market in Bonita Springs is a quarter of a mile too! But here is the very cool thing. When you walk around a High School Track it can get a bit boring. Not so at the Flea Market. As you are WalkerSizing around the Market, you can take note on funky items for sale and make note of the number on the booth and come back and SHOP.

The reason the Track works is people need a destination and a route. They can then say, I did the Flea Market ‘Track’ and only spent about $50.00 (Just kidding but, it is so true). The Owners of the Booths go to great time, expense and energy to provide for those of us that want unique shopping items. But if you can bring fitness to shopping and being around interesting people, it makes the journey to find fitness in your life so much easier. Finding a way to lose weight, get stronger, tone up and making it happen at the local Flea Market might be a new way to kill two birds with one stone but leave the Flamingos alone!

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