The Red Aisle


When someone follows or LIKES anything in Social Media, you get a little Kick of excitement, a little Pep in your soul. There is a happy flutter in your body that makes you feel that what you are doing is touching others, enough for them to LIKE or FOLLOW You. In this case, I sure hope you Like or Follow my Blog. I do a little mini workout at the bottom of the Blog.

When you LIKE what I write, it makes me want to write more. I write about fitness and my experience as a fitness and alignment trainer with a booth in the local FLEA Market (BLUE AISLE #49). What I see as I watch folks walk by my booth is really sad. First the aging posture with the head down, the feet turned out, knees pointed inward and one hand grabbing a backside. Most can not make it around the entire market. I get a bit lucky as I have a bench in front of my booth where folks can rest/collapse.  They are sort of forced to watch my videos on the flat screen that talk about how good posture leads to less pain and a youthful look.  I hope to change that walk, by teaching how to strengthen the muscles that create good posture. WalkerSizing the Flea Market will really help and helping New Moms get fit for Motherhood with Strollercize.

What I am doing with this BLOG is sharing my life as a once upon a time ‘BIG SHOT’ NYC Personal Trainer. I use to live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where I raised Three Kids in the NYC Public School System. I would get in a Cap at 5:30am and head to my first of five clients a day. I owned a small boutique personal training studio called ALINE FITNESS.  I lived closed to a lot of BIG WIGS in my neighborhood (They have great WIGS at the Market just saying will write about them later).  I use to train Dr. Henry Kissinger and saw him about five times a week. I kept him FIT FOR LIFE. We talked about his chin dropping to his shoulders too. Well, He is in his 90’s and doing just fine.

My life in NYC was a crazy, wild, and it was a tough, fast paced life  in the BIG APPLE.  After 9/11, I decided to change course for my family.  I set my sites on getting out of NYC and heading to Paradise, Bonita Springs. I write from the view point of a health and fitness professional. I write about what I see, who I meet and why being fit in paradise is so important for all of us. This is where folks come to retire and enjoy life. There is no reason to have pain due to bad posture or not having a sound and proper fitness program to fall into.  It starts with moving in the right direction and learning what it means to be  FIT FOREVER and FINDING THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH at a FLEA MARKET.


The Red Aisle

TO FLEA OR NOT FLEE That is the Question?

What is a Flea Market? Where did it all begin? Why do they call it ‘Flea’? To answer my questions, I did a little Google Search. Here is what I found.

Sometime in 1880 in a little city called Paris, folks would bring out their furniture and shabby second-hand goods that may contain ‘Les Puces’, (FLEAS) and sell it!  I guess some folks like Fleas in their Sofa’s?

Yep! The Flea Market is a French dumping ground for those that love those little “Les Puces! Marché. Aux Puces de St-Ouen is the largest Flea Market in the world. Saying it in French makes it so Shabby Chic. This concept has been around hundreds of years. In ancient Greece it was known as the Agora; in Rome, the Forum; and in Israel, at the Temples, in Bonita, The Flamingo Island?

The Flea Market is big business here in the United States. Why? Because all of us have a lot of stuff we could get rid of and sell either at a garage sale, tag sale, yard sale and or Estate Sale ( I know as I was once an Executrix to my Dad’s Estate and boy I wish I would have called that ‘Sale’, Les Puces of Prescott). Probably could have sold stuff faster and at a higher price!

Flea Markets are great places for Entrepreneurs to get a kick start up on a small business. That is ME and I have a booth at The Flamingo Island Flea Market! Why? First it does not require a lot of capital to get it up and running. It gives the entrepreneur a chance to practice sales, learn about displays, advertising or not and marketing (Hello This Blog). It also lets Entrepreneurs know if what they are doing is really working and they like it. In my case, I love what I am doing so The Flea Market is perfect for me!

The other reason I have Fled to The Flea Market is because I love the community of other vendors. It is a culture and here in Bonita Springs, it is a special place with vendors that have unique items and services to offer up for sale.

I was inspired to write this because I learned a lot reading about this very large flea market in New Hampshire. So cool! 

My last comment is do those Paris Flea Markets have Fitness Classes? NO! They probably sit at a Cafe’ with a glass of Chardonnay a slice of brie on a pan. But this all American Fitness Trainer sees that fitness can be found even at Les Puces Marche’. I am now thinking of giving my booth a bit of a French Twist? I need a Monkey, Music and a French Maids Outfit. I am sure I will sell a lot of RollerSizeRs with this added e’clater.


The Red Aisle


So as an alignment trainer, posture is very important to me and for my clients. Getting a ‘Six Pack’ of course is also important especially for us Gals. I am not leaving you Guys, but we are talking about Bras here! We all want a nice defined Waistline, a Cinched in waist, Sexy Flat Tummy, and a Six Pack! It gets tougher as you get older to keep the Middle under control and also that Chest. I KNOW. When you are over 60, like me, you have to dig deeper into your belly rolls (After Three Children) to get to find even one pack.  and even hope for a two pack if you know what I mean.

In my WaisterSize class at the Flea Market, (Booth 49) we focus on the Waistline, Back Fat, Chunky Wunky (Side of the hips), Hamster Pouches  and GOOD lifted Chest. You can’t have a flat Six Pack Tummy and a saggy Flat chest?  They just do NOT go together. So we have to focus on lifting our chest and pretend we are putting them on a MANTEL!  This posture tip reminds us to lift our chest, open up the back, chin up and keep the girls up, RIGHT BOYS?

I was walking the Flea Market today, my friend and I found a bin of Bras! A ‘Six Packs’ of Bras!  I thought to myself, NO WAY, these can not be comfortable. For that price could they do the JOB! Lift and Mantel me? You do not know how good something could be till you try it. You need to Try It to see if you like it! Just like my class?

So, I bought the Bras and I tried them. Say NO more. They are just as good as any expensive bras. These bras are  my “Mantel”. In my classes I say many times “Lift your chest”. Having a good supportive bra is important but you also need to do the muscle support exercises too for good posture. So with that, if you see me strutting down the Blue Aisle with a Bright Blue Bra Strap Showing, well here is what I have to say, Chest Up, Chin Up and can you see my six pack yet? 

Click HERE the picture you can see me wearing one of those bras as I workout my upper back.

P.S. I think I am going for a CASE of 12 because some of them have lace!!!!!!!


The Red Aisle


Most likely, the Booth Owners at the Flea Market,  and I am one of them, will have super sales today! They need to clear stuff out because of this terrible storm coming to hit our state. It is a good time to give our customers a SUPER STORM DEAL. I am doing 50% OFF all of The RollerSizeR Ab Toners as I am going to clear my booth out just to be prudent.

For my workout today at the Flea Market, I am going to go up and down the Blue and Red Aisles to see if they are doing any specials. But here is why you need to FLEE! Most Malls, are boarded up. We are only open three days on the weekend. This is the chance for booth owners to make their money. That is why, Fleeing to the Flea Market is smart. That is why, I am going to purchase the six pack of bras which go for $12.00. I may get it for $10.00. If I am lucky to get that six pack, I will show you my purchase on my Instagram Page.