The Red Aisle

Melting Muffins Around The Middle: Around The Track or Around The Flea Market?

So, I am giving myself a personal fitness challenge, (Yes even us Personal Trainers need to challenge our bodies!). For the next four weekends in August, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’m going to WalkerSize® The Flamingo Island Flea Market. It will take about 15 minutes and after, I will head to the picnic tables out front and do Abs and Stretching with the RollerSizeR® Ab Toner.  The walk around the market is about a half mile. I am going to count my steps if I do not stop to look at cool stuff or talk to other ! Keep you posted.  The trick is to SHOP or NOT TO STOP. If I do see something I like, and I always do, I will remember the Booth and take a visit later. There is really cool, weird, unique finds here and it is tough to focus on the walking ‘Melt’ when your eyes are Melting over a neat found treasure.

Now to discuss the Melting part of the ‘Muffin’ Walk AROUND the Market. In the morning, The Flea Market is FRESH and a perfect temperature for a good fitness walk. It helps the ‘Melt’. There are cool Pipes from the ceiling. They are positioned every ten feet. Just enough to get a quick burst of cold air to propel one on their quest to Melt the Muffin. Fat ‘Melts’, I think easier when it is NOT too cold. This is how I think. Take this image.  If you put a cold cube of butter in a sauce pan and turn up the heat, Voila, the butter melts. So does your Butt and your Muffin! As you walk the Flea you can feel the fat pouring out of you and all the toxins from last night or the night before!

While walking around the Flea Market, I will Track my shopping indulgences.  Hopefully like food, I will curb my appetite to SHOP! But, I may have to stop for a Coffee and a MUFFIN.

The Video below is a part of the journey to Melt around the Market.

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