The Red Aisle

Melting Muffins Around The Middle: Around The Track or Around The Flea Market?

So, I am giving myself a personal fitness challenge, (Yes even us Personal Trainers need to challenge our bodies!). For the next four weekends in August, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’m going to WalkerSize® The Flamingo Island Flea Market. It will take about 15 minutes and after, I will head to the picnic tables out front and do Abs and Stretching with the RollerSizeR® Ab Toner.  The walk around the market is about a half mile. I am going to count my steps if I do not stop to look at cool stuff or talk to other ! Keep you posted.  The trick is to SHOP or NOT TO STOP. If I do see something I like, and I always do, I will remember the Booth and take a visit later. There is really cool, weird, unique finds here and it is tough to focus on the walking ‘Melt’ when your eyes are Melting over a neat found treasure.

Now to discuss the Melting part of the ‘Muffin’ Walk AROUND the Market. In the morning, The Flea Market is FRESH and a perfect temperature for a good fitness walk. It helps the ‘Melt’. There are cool Pipes from the ceiling. They are positioned every ten feet. Just enough to get a quick burst of cold air to propel one on their quest to Melt the Muffin. Fat ‘Melts’, I think easier when it is NOT too cold. This is how I think. Take this image.  If you put a cold cube of butter in a sauce pan and turn up the heat, Voila, the butter melts. So does your Butt and your Muffin! As you walk the Flea you can feel the fat pouring out of you and all the toxins from last night or the night before!

While walking around the Flea Market, I will Track my shopping indulgences.  Hopefully like food, I will curb my appetite to SHOP! But, I may have to stop for a Coffee and a MUFFIN.

The Video below is a part of the journey to Melt around the Market.

The Red Aisle


The Flamingo Island Flea Market is in Bonita Springs. In summer it gets a little hot. But isn’t that why you love coming to S.W. Florida? Let alone those whom have chosen to live here full time, like I DO! I guess we survive the heat because we have air conditioning everywhere we go.

The Flamingo Island is a OPEN “Flea” Market. After Hurricane IRMA, they had a little Facelift. They added ‘Air Conditioning’.  SO NICE.  It is piped in with colorful pipes that are along the Isles both Blue and Red, about every 10 feet.

That being said. Normally people park their cars and when they enter the Flea Market they are swept into the Red Isle and the river of shopping! We call it, the Red ‘Light’ Isle (Well, something else that starts with a ‘D’). Why? Because it has a lot of lights! Some even blink, move, sparkle. Like a mini 42nd Street! Not kidding! It is super fun and has really COOL stuff. But the BLUE ISLE IS COOL STUFF TOO and COOLER!

By the time you get to the turn at the North Side of the Market, you feel tired. It is a workout! 300 hundred Booths just in one Isle!  Because the Flea Market is huge! By the time you get to COOL side, the “COOLER” side, The BLUE ISLE, (Where my booth is, Bonita Fit #49), you are tuckered out. There is a bench in front of my booth that most folks use to recover from the Red Isle! I am glad I know C.P.R.!

This is Booths in The Blue Isle
So here is the COOL thing to do. Do an Isle in one day or make it a Three Day Weekend. Take it in. Each Booth requires you to Check It OUT. Meet the Booth Owner. Come the next day and do the Other Isle. You will NOT feel like you are going to faint at the end of the Red Isle or that you are going to miss all the GOOD STUFF in the Blue Isle. Just Saying!